Soon Time For School!

7484803_orig   One of my jobs is working in a high school.  This week we had to go to prepare for school to start NEXT week.  I cannot believe school is already here.  This summer has simply flown by.  I am looking forward to autumn.  When I was a kid I loved summer.  As an adult I am growing to love spring and autumn more.  With my fibromyalgia, I cannot handle extreme cold or heat anymore. However this summer has been awesome.  It has been mild and I love it…. but I still love autumn.
An update on my dad: He is recovering.  The cancer had not broken through but almost did.  It was good he went to the doctor when he did.
My husband is in limbo with his medical issues.  We basically have to wait until it happens again. Ugh! So annoying!  However that is the only way they may be able to tell where the hemorrhaging is coming from. So, we wait…..
And, on another note, I have an aunt with a tumor on her pituitary gland.  Prayers would be appreciated.


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