Surgery Date

 6300225700_e4f86d19e1    We finally got a surgery date for my dad.  It will be July 28th.  My uncle has offered to drive my parents to the hospital.  I am hoping to still get there and get a chance to hear what the doctor has to say.
It’s been a little busy here and going to get a little busier.  I just recently got a job at a local market and my husband and I may get a cleaning job as well to tag team on.

 3222270     This summer seems to be whizzing by.937066_orig  I can not believe July is halfway over!  I am not sure if you seen this but we have three children: Nicole is 20, Tyler almost 16 and Lexi almost 12.  Humor has been something we used to get us through the hard places in life.  Tyler often reminds me of my dad.  He has the tall, slender build and the same insanely dry sense of humor. Last evening he was pretending to prove he was a superhero by flying, stood on the corner of the steps, “To infinity, and beyond!”  Bang!! And he hits his head on the ceiling.  He may have been attempting to be Captain America but I think he more represents the famous superhero, George of the Jungle


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