What Women Want…..

WWW     In this movie Mel Gibson plays a chauvinistic executive who gains the ability to hear what women are really thinking after an accident. I really do not understand why women are such a mystery but I guess if Adam knew Eve wanted that piece of fruit, he would have been better prepared to stop her.

     But, seriously, what is so hard about women for men to understand?  Well, since it seems to be  beyond men’s grasp to understand women, I decided to help men in this area I would make a little list about what SOME women wished men knew about them.  Please be warned that not all of these apply to all women but if I drew you a map there would be no mystery at all.
crying1) Women cry.  Some women cry at the drop of a hat.  Sometimes the hat hasn’t even hit the ground and the floodgates are flung wide open.  However not all women cry that quickly.  Sometimes there is absolutely no reason she is crying except she needs a release. Yep, you read that right. Women need a release too, just not the same “release” as men. According to Dr. William Frey II, Ph. D., biochemist and tear researcher at Ramsey Medical Center (Minneapolis, Minnesota), the scientific conclusion his team found is that the tears shed during emotional crying gets rid of stress chemicals/hormones/toxins accumulated in your brain during a stressful trauma. Another theory is that the tears release endorphins, the chemical that makes us happy.  I don’t know what is correct but I do know my frame of mind is often better after a good cry.  You don’t have to stand over us inquiring what you did or how you can help. Just give us the time alone!
images2)  Women want romance.  They want you to think of their comfort and needs instead of your own.  They would rather have an hour of massage than that cute red teddy you bought at Victoria’s Secret. Opening a gift card to a massage parlor says you care about her comfort and her as a person.  Opening a box of lingerie means you expect a little action. Spending time with her doing what she likes, spending an hour or so kicking a ball around the backyard with the children, allowing her to take the night off to soak in a tub or read a book totally undisturbed (even by you!) while you care for the kids including cooking and cleaning up.  Giving her a gift expecting action is a total turnoff and she can see right through it.  Spending time together without pressuring for time in the sack means you care about what makes her happy and not just what makes you happy. Give her a weekend with her friends at the beach.  Believe me, the time away to refresh and rejuvenate will reap big rewards as she returns happy and refreshed. Buy her gifts just because you know she likes them and not because you expect it to lead somewhere.
images (1)3)  Women like to think for themselves.  Using your control button to put her window up or down in a vehicle makes her feel like a child. She is an equal partner and deserves to be treated like one and not one you have to make decisions for. That also goes for picking out clothing and deciding what to eat in a restaurant.
4) Take care of your body.  You don’t have to look like a hottie but it can be hard to “work” around a spare tire.
When it comes down to it, what she really wants is for you to give her the love and respect that you want want for yourself.  Consider what she likes and needs and not what you want her to have or do.  Remember!

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