It’s Been a long year

     We moved back into the house after the flood and tried to resume a life of normalcy.

      Nicole graduated from high school in June. So hard to believe!

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Lexi’s bunny, Snuggles, died on July 4th from the heat.  Friends got her a new bunny that she named Lucy.
     Nicole started college in August.  She is a music major and hopes to go on for a degree in Music Therapy.  Here she is with the color-guard.
     Norm and Tyler built a fire pit and  lot of time is spent having cook-outs and enjoying the outdoors.
     Lexi donated her hair to Locks Of Love
Crazy Tyler keeps life interesting…..
Got Lexi a cat for Christmas. We got him from a Rescue organization and his name is Tyson.
Lexi’s basketball team won the Championship.
     Nicole will soon be ending her first year at college and it is so hard to believe!  We will be going to pick her up next Thursday right before Easter for the weekend and then she comes home for the summer in May.
     In January Norm had to have more surgery to repair his hernia. I am hoping we don’t have to go through this again.
And that would be the highlights for the past year. I am hoping to  start blogging again and maybe even revamp this a bit.

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