I Cried



Verse 1:
Nine months of carrying you inside of me
Pushing for hours to set you free
Cradling you gently inside my arms
One hour old and you had me charmed
Incredible joy filled me inside
And I lay in my hospital bed
And I cried

Chorus: And I cried

Swelled up with pride

So deep in my soul that it tore me up inside

And I cried





Image4Verse 2:
Fast forward to your first day of school
Your preschool years were so short – yet so full
You pause and hug me at the front door
I just want you to stay and hug me some more
I felt I was breaking up all inside
And I went home to your bed
And I cried




8952954976_4d64c95da5Verse 3:
You’re graduating from high school tonight
Your years going to school seemed to take flight
Your face lights up as you walk down the aisle
You’ll be off to college in a very short while
Pride and sadness mixed up inside
And I went home to your bed
And I cried





Verse 4:
A beautiful day as wedding bells sing
I watch as you give another a ring
A smile on my face as you recite your vows
As flood waters of tears threaten to spill out
Joy and sorrow jumbled inside
And I went home to your bed
And I cried

Gone were the days you would hold my hand
Time slipping by like drifting sand
Years of protecting you from all harm
I just want to hold you inside my arms

© 2012 DLD


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