After all we have been through it is hard to imagine going back home again…..and yet renovations on our house may be complete next week.  We have some things we want to do but we hope to be back home by the end of March.  The painting is about 90% completed.  The electrician needs to return to finish hooking up the electric and the water needs hooked up.  The contractor has a few things to complete.  It is just so hard to believe that so much good could come from so much devastation.  So many people have been involved with helping us get back home.  I often go in and just look around….and still can’t believe it.  We took our dog back to the house on Saturday and he was so excited to be back he did not want to leave.

5 thoughts on “Renovations

  1. Hello, Denise! I love your positive perspective about the devastation that the flood caused your house. On the other hand, I hope nothing devastating will happen to you again. For readiness, you could try using waterproof paint for your wood so that you could keep the house’s natural theme. Wooden floors should be dried gradually. Sudden drying could cause cracking or splitting. Clean and dry the wood before attempting any repairs on it. Allen Hoffman


  2. Allen is right, Denise! Waterproof paint will help preserve your wooden floor not just from floods, but also from simple liquid spills. More than its aesthetic function, water-proof paint also protects your wood from molds and rotting. I advise that you repaint occasionally, if only to keep it sturdy and shiny.

    Christin Rexrode


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