Over halfway through the summer……

     A month left until school starts as my job. I will have to go in for a meeting and a day on in-service but it seems like this summer is flying by. I spent most of this month working in our church library and I almost completed cataloging the fiction section.  I brought the rest home in anticipation of working on it at home.  The box was a tad heavy.
     Nicole starts two weeks of band camp on Monday and Lexi leaves for Girl Scout Camp on Friday.  Amid that add dental appointments and who knows what else but this month promises to move equally fast.  I am hoping to get my house cleaned.
     We pulled a good one on Lexi today. She was angry with Nicole and wished Nicole would go away and never come back. So Nicole and I made a plan. I was getting ready to go shopping. Nicole made the announcement that since Lexi wanted her to leave, she would, so she did….. all the way down the street to the ball field where I picked her up and took her along shopping 10 minutes later. Till we got home 2-3 hours later Lexi was standing by the door worried she would never see her sister again. I guess I will have to pay for her therapist when she needs one in a couple of years……

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