My daughter has all the symptoms of dyslexia.  Unfortunately getting the school to move on it has been very frustrating.  Most school districts do not recognize it as a learning disability. I have been trying the last few years to get her kindergarten and first grade teacher to see the problem which they did not.  They kept telling me it is normal for a child her age to reverse letters or miss this or that or not actually read her story but make guesses at what it says.  This year was different.  It did not take long for her second grade teacher to recognize the problem.  Why?  Because both her teacher and her teacher’s daughter is dyslexic.  She was able to work with Lexi all year and and she found us a learning Center that would tutor Lexi for free.  I am so grateful for that.  I still plan on pursuing getting her evaluated by a specialist but I feel like we are finally getting the help she needs.

I have been doing a lot of research on this disability and a friend gave me the book called Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally Shaywitz, MD.   It is so interesting to read and what is most interesting is that, not only am I learning about my daughter, I am also learning about my husband who also has dyslexia.  So many things about how he reacts to various situations all go back to this and I am learning to understand him so much more.  I also believe Norm’s father and brother both have it as well so I am filling my sister-in-law in  as far as what to watch for in their son.  I am hoping to be able to help my daughter so that she can once again build up her self esteem and be able to find ways to cope with it and go far.


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