Two years ago……

I was starting my last chemo treatment……
I thank God that it is part of my bittersweet history and pray that it does not return in the future.

Been going through a lot of things lately…
>been working with the school district to get my youngest daughter the help she needs in school
>been working at getting our church women’s ministry page off the ground
>taking kids to and from activities such as youth group, church clubs, play practice, girl scouts and a WRE after school program among other things
>a couple of friends dealing with cancer
>a funeral last weekend of a friend who passed on from complications of cancer
>getting my oldest daughter college and senior year needs taken care of…… that’s a lot to think about!
>an issue with my family(sisters/mom) that I do not ever feel will be fully resolved… but am used to that
>my own medical issues that are still being worked on

Just a lot of water under the bridge…… 🙂
I was able to have some fun with friends lately.  Last Sunday we met with a bunch from church for fellowship and games and yesterday I met with friends from work for some scrap-booking fun.  I almost wished I had another page to do but I was the first one finished and I had no other material with me to do more so we chatted.  I work with a great bunch of ladies.  We found out recently our boss is retiring so it’s been a little stressful wondering who will replace her as she was a great boss.


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