Enjoying the fall season……………..

We had gone on a couple of hikes these past few weeks. Also, we had our local town fair. Below are some photos from those times. I hope you enjoy them.

We are doing fairly well health-wise. I had gotten a little bit of a setback where I may have contracted a viral infection but I am awaiting a test on that.  If not, they will run another test.  I think maybe the chemo I had finished 18 months ago may have affected my immune system and my ability to fight things. 

I am also trying to work at getting my daughter some help in school.  Both I and her teacher believe she might have dyslexia but I heard getting help could be a challenge.


1 thought on “Enjoying the fall season……………..”

  1. What great photos of you and your family. I especially like the ones taken at the fair with all the animals and baby pigs, etc. How cute! lol

    BTW, I've added you to my blog roll and happy to be following you on your new blog.


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