Bump in the road

     We came home today from  the hospital AGAIN.  This time the patient was my husband, Norm.  After some testing, it was discovered he had diverticulosis.  He also had another polyp that they are testing but the surgeon felt  it was normal.  We won’t know that for a few weeks.  We came home this afternoon.  Glad to be home again!  I am hoping the rest of the year is QUIET!
     This weekend is our Ladies Conference at our church.  I’ve been looking forward to it.  They are even having a Lock-in type thing.  
     We were also saddened to have another family issue in my family regarding marriage.  I do not want to mention them by name but I hope you can keep them in your prayers both for them as well as for us as we have to process this and deal with the aftermath.  And please keep their three children in prayer as well. (ages 11-15)

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