Moving into May

An update on Norm: They did the Cardiac Cath and found no blockage, just a small amount of plaque build-up in which they will treat with medication, exercise and diet. Norm goes to his family doctor tomorrow for a check-up on the incision site and then to the cardiologist next month. We were relieved for the good report. 🙂

I also had a visit with my oncologist. He informed me that he starts remission from the time of diagnosis. Others I had talked to say theirs started from last treatment so I am a little confused. Anyway, he says I am a year and a half in remission which is good news to me. 🙂

Our family is planning a trip to the mountains in a few weeks which I am looking forward to. It will be our first trip all together as a family since I first got diagnosed.
Our church has been trying to get the Cancer Support Group moving. We recently had an ice cream social. It was a fun time and it was nice to mingle with others who have gone through similar struggles. I was saddened that the other lady from our church who also has Ovarian cancer does not have a good prognosis and has chosen not to continue with treatment. I understand why she is doing it. It’s just sad to me. We also have aneighbor who also has a bad prognosis for her cancer as well and is not expected to last longer than six months. Of course, doctors have been wrong before.

My kids generally keep me stepping during the week with soccer practices, band practices, church and youth group. Tonight was the first time this year I was able to work in my flower beds. I didn’t get as much accomplished as I would have liked to. I’ve been feeling really achy lately and my friend who has been battling lymphoma told me she believes the chemo contributes to arthritis. I don’t know if it’s true but I feel half inclined to believe it.

Standard Operating Procedure
For Using and Maintaining Dishwasher

Large pans more than 3000 mm should be placed on the rack at a 33 1/3 degree angle so that if you place an olive at the top of the pan it will roll to the bottom at 0.678 kpm.
Soup/Salad Bowl and Fruit bowls must be placed in the rack to represent a checkerboard pattern so that the water has a chance to distribute water in a homogenous manner.
Please be careful if you chose to sing a cheery tune while working in the dish room. Any note sung above the frequency of 17 kHz will cause any glass ware to shatter instantaneously and will cause all the local canines to storm the MCHS in a frenzied mania.
This is the dishwasher the school gave us. Take the nozzle and rinse out the dishwasher that the school gave us. Take out the curtains and use the nozzle to rinse out the dishwasher the school gave us. Pick up the rack and spread the curtain on it and use the nozzle that rinses out the dishwasher the school gave us.
When you position the curtain on the rack, place it in an open position so you can read it like your favorite Jane Austin novel.
Every 16th rack must bear a bowl that is turned upright and the water must be tested by placing your right index finger in for six seconds and then placed inside your mouth so that it can be tested for saltiness.
Cleaning: Open up the door on the port side. Have your work surface ready by providing a 1/16th inch Phillips screwdriver. Then you put the blue bolt in. Take the red screw out. Put the orange bolt in and shake it all about. Do the hokey-pokey and turn yourself around. That’s what it’s all about.
When you are through cleaning out the inside of the machine use FS-Cleaner #5 to scrub the outside of the machine. Scrub until the reflection illuminates a large nut. Wave at her. Maybe she will wave back.


One thought on “Moving into May

  1. I've always thought remission ws from last treatment, too! But then, my Onc has never said I'm in remission. lol.

    As an encouragement…my hubby had an angioplasty 20 years ago. Never had any heart problems since. He watches his diet carefully and does a lotta walking.


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