End of February……

This past year has been flying by so fast. I am so grateful for this year of health. I am also grateful because we have such great health insurance and benefits. I know we would have had help with our expenses but so many people do not have that now. I spoke to someone today who does not have insurance for her and her children. She cannot afford to go to the dentist or the eye doctor. I feel bad because, while it’s a struggle sometimes with these expenses, it’s impossible with others. I wish I could give her the money she needs.

I am looking forward to spring….the warmer weather, the flowers, the newness of it all.

Our church is preparing to move into our new sanctuary and I am excited to do that. There will be some glitches, I’m sure. I will be serving on the tech team on the pro-presenter. Norm will be on lights sometimes and Nicole might also be on pro-presenter with me as they want teams of two.


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