Let me catch my breath……

It seems like life has gotten so busy that I have not had time to stop and catch my breath. With working and running the kids, down time is rare. Nicole is involved with color guard in the band. She just got accepted into the choral group “Chansodie” (If I spelled that right which I doubt!) Nicole also landed a part in the upcoming fall play, coaches the middle school sport stacking team and is in the youth group band at church as the solo vocalist.
Tyler plays soccer, signed up for student couselor (which totally blew me away) and is a runner for the high school band. Lexi also plays soccer as well and signed up to sing in the choir.
And me….well, once again I got volunteered to be the frazzled taxi driver. LOL

We recently had a birthday party for Lexi who turned 7 on Aug. 30. Below is a slideshow of that event. Too many pics to post on one post.


Lexi also played her first soccer game the last Sunday of August.


I will try to post when I can. It’s gotten really hard to do that though.

We’ve been helping a lady at church who also had ovarian cancer. She also had the same doctor. Hers seems more likely to return than mine will. She can be mixed up at times so meeting her needs tends to be a challenge. Her name is Shirley if you could keep her in your prayers and our church as we try to navigate her needs.


3 thoughts on “Let me catch my breath……

  1. Denise,

    It is amazing how quickly things get into full swing with the fall. It sounds like you all have one filled with fun (and lots of taxi driving!) I hope it gets off to a terrific start for you. 🙂 I will pray for Shirley as well. I think it is so neat how God draws cancer survivors together so (as another told me) we can “survive to share” and help one another. Lots from you cancer sis,

    Kerry Osborne


  2. happy belated birthday to pretty little Lexi. Her party looked really fun and nice. I'm glad you are keeping busy and enjoying watching your kids thrive and grow. Take care dear and God Bless you.


  3. Hi, found your blog through a Google on how to encourage my husband and your other blog came up. Just wanted to say I appreciated your insight and you are in my prayers. I love How God uses believer to encourage one another, keep fighting. Jer. 29:11


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