Summer almost over……

Today i went to work to help set up for the beginning of school next Monday. Hard to believe they are going back already. I’m hoping this will be a better year and I can work straight through.
Nicole’s band recently had their picnic at the end of band camp and they gave a performance for the parents. They don’t have their uniforms in yet but hopefully will before their first football game.

Norm’s fire company recently had a vehicle accident class.

This past Saturday the fire company also had a Hook and Ladder fest which has been well attended. I wasn’t feeling well that day so i didn’t help. Not sure if it was the flu or what. They had the Philadelphia Phillies Fanatic there. Tyler was motioning to his dad to come and the Fanatic came over instead and sat down next to him.

Yesterday we went to a local air show.

Norm and Nicole watching the slies. I also hung around taking photos of clouds and other things to use as backgrounds for further projects.

Tyler and Lexi collected Locust shells.

Coby and I

Happy Dog!

As soon as I can get it completed I have another video I made for our church ladies upcoming program called Eve. They played it last Thursday. I need to finish converting the slides so I can upload it to Youtube.

On Friday I go to set up for an Ovarian cancer awareness display I will have at a local church. They have a clothing giveaway and a health faire. September is Ovarian cancer awareness month.

1 thought on “Summer almost over……”

  1. Wonderful photographs as you enjoy the last days of summer. Hard to believe school is almost upon us again!!

    And here here to September being Ovarian Cancer Awareness month…more “noise” needs to be made about this to bring it to more people's attention. We here at breast cancer have had more than our share!!!!!


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