Respect Your Elders!

Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor. Romans 13:7

Respect! Oh! Most shudder at the word, yet today that is a dying necessity. Too many parents now adays are not instilling this in their kids. Not only are kids disrespecting their parents, siblings and teachers, but it is being carried into the workplace that they blindly go in to thinking if their boss does not treat them with respect, they don’t have to treat their boss with respect. This is wrong.

This has been a growing issue in our home, especially with my son. I recently made my two youngest skip dessert because they were being disrespectful. I had brought out a cake and cut it into pieces. My son, even though he was not near finished with his supper, immediately claimed a piece. My youngest daughter did not want to be outdone and intentionally put her finger in the piece he chose. Then my son put his finger in another piece and told her that was her piece. I immediately took the cake away and told both they were disrespecting the family’s cake and each other and that, because of their disrespect, neither would have a piece of cake.

We need to teach our children to respect us, as their authority and each other. How can they learn to respect others if they don’t learn it at home? They need to learn that although you may not feel respected by the person or you disagree with them, you need to still show respect and that needs to follow them into the classroom and the workplace. I recently had a conversation with my baby brother who was borm much later than I about our mother. He carried quite a bit of disdain for my parents authority, especially my mother. The conversation got around as to why I listen to her. I told him that she is my mother and, even if I do not agree with everything she says, I do show her the respect of listening to her. I am hoping he took something from that conversation.

We, as the parents, are given the responsibility of teaching our children. If they don’t learn this from us, they most certainly won’t learn this in the world that teaches the total opposite.


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