More images from my garden

At least the bees and butterflies are enjoying my hummingbird feeder. I even had the pleasure of one butterfly landing on my shirt.
I had made a video of my journey to the right. I am hoping You-Tube does not have an issue with it. If so I will take it back down.

Tonight I go to Worship Team practice and see if the computer will crash on me. It’s been doing it lately. Makes you learn to save stuff.


7 thoughts on “More images from my garden”

  1. I ws surprised to find butterflies on my mother's small planting of zinnias. Such an easy plant to grow. And it attracts butterflies! I may need to plant some next year.Love those critters.


  2. you have beautiful flowers Denise! I see you have a pink hibiscus..I love those flowers. I ahve been meaning to put out a bird feeder like you have…I have a big tree outside my upstairs window…and there are so many birds that fly in and out playing…hey Denise you gave me a big lump on my throat with your YouTube video on the right “your journey”…I love it and I love your family pictures, love the quotes, love the song! I like your top 10 list too..hee hee…You are awesome Denise and always I wish you and your family helaing and peace! You are an inspiration to many Denise and your blog and you tube is really good for peoples soul…


  3. Hey Denise! It was great to hear from you on my blog page! I LOVE LOVE the video!!! I know the world will too. I cried literally all through it. The pictures in your garden are truly beautiful. Life is such a precious gift and you sure know how to live it girl! My daughter Leslie will be 7 in November. How cool it is that she and Lexi are so close in age. You should read my post about “the shawl that made us smile.” It was very hard to tell the kids but God seemed to work it out. I am loving talking to you. LOL and Happy Birthday Lexi!!
    Kerry Osborne


  4. i can recollect my state Nagaland, under India. flowwer and bees oh its so beautiful. i am gretaful that God is rally working on you and your blogspot. one of my close aunty died of the cancer as there was no one to guide her. still my friend mum was caught with the cancer, and now she is in hospital, i dont think she can survive, but know i can give hope to her through your blogspot. may GOD BLESS YOU


  5. I just viewed your youtube video and I loved it. I felt a special kinship to the photo “flat on your back on the sofa”! My times on the sofa were times of total inertia. Now I'm past that, and like you, growing hair again! And I, too, thank God for His love and grace.


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