Some good news!

The nurse from my oncologist called me back with my CT Scan. They did not see any cancer nor did they see what may be causing my stomach cramping when I eat. That last part was good and bad news because they would mostly see if cancer was causing that which they did not see any. My doctor did tell me if there is a gall bladdar issue, he would need a totally different test for that but at least we know there is no cancer there. He is on vacation so I probably won’t get his take on it till next week.

9 thoughts on “Some good news!

  1. Denise,I too was diagnosed with ovarian cancer(stage 1c). You look great. Plse tell me if you're totally done with your chemo and also how you did. I just had my first chemo and I've gained 6 pounds since. Did you gain any unwanted wieght?


  2. Midy, I could not find a blog for you or a way to contact you. I lost about 20-30 pounds with the removal of my very large tumor and hysterectomy. My weight went up and down with my chemo. However when he stuck me on premarin my weight shot up. I just went off of it to try and lose the weight again.


  3. Hi Denise. Pleased to meet you my dear! 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog. It looks like we have a lot in common. Let's keep in touch. I am very impressed with your 'put on your big girl panties' attitude. It is tough sometimes, isn't it? But we rise and shine for Jesus. I love your little farewell at the end of each entry – God is bigger than my cancer! Amen sister! x


  4. Hey Denise! It was great to see your note on my blog! I love your blog!! God is bigger than your cancer, than my cancer, than any cancer. Love your hairdo too! We're setting a new trend you and I! I am looking forward to following your blog. You sister in Christ (and your cancer sister too),
    Kerry 🙂


  5. Hi Dear, I am so happy to hear about your negative CT scan. That is wonderful news! thank you so much for your notes on my blog. You are so sweet. Thank you Denise and God Bless you. I'm still on vacation but will be back later this week…


  6. Hi Denise

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your good news. What a great day we both had yesterday- with lots of great days ahead. God is bigger than our cancer.

    This is for Midy – I gained almost 30 pounds during my first chemo.I understand that it is not that unusual that women on carbo/taxol and the steroids that go with them gain weight during chemo.



  7. Hi Denise
    I sometimes get the stomach cramps you mention but not as much as just after surgery

    if you think about it, the bowel isn't too far from where we had all our bits taken from and it gets quite a bashing ( this is how my oncologist told me)
    try not to worry its probably the poor bowel kicking back for been man handled xx

    Midy, do you have a blog? i put weight on and had carbo and taxol xx


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