This little guy was feeding at my bird feeding station the other day.


School pictures



Tyler’s soccer game today
Backing up teammate

Fighting for the ball


Over lunch we visited a local nursing home for Community Days.
Lexi enjoyed climbing on the fire engine.


I went back to work. It’s tiring but also nice to be back and be busy.


One thought on “Springtime……….

  1. great pics of Tyler and Lexi! Both are very cute kids! I like that pic w/Lexi driving, her face says it all about how she’s liking the driver seat. She seems like such a fun spirited little girl! And wow, how fun to see a rabbit! I wish we had more rabbits around here…but so much development and I see them mostly on the road. =( In fact, you may think I’m weird for doing this but there was a family of about 13-14 rabbits “stuck” in a field surrounded by new housing development and I’m glad I did what I did because my kids would see them everyday and feel sad so I taught them to be compassionate to Gods creatures. They were to build a new sports park right on this 4 acre field where these rabbits were stuck in between busy streets and houses so they had no where else to go. I emailed our association; emailed the city; emailed the park; but they sent me a “politically correct” letter back saying that the humane society or no one else will save these cute little rabbits because they are not endangered species. I was so upset. I wanted to buy cages and move them because it was heartbreaking to see these rabbits laying under 1 small bush (they had already plowed up all the grass and trees) and practially starving. I would see some plastic bottles and carrots out there sometimes but to make a long story short….the rabbits were plowed over and just recently..there is a new sports park there. so folks lucky like yourself to live in a country setting, although you have rabbits and squirrels and birds eating your bird food, thats really very lucky to see those creatures there. okay..I better go…i ramble too much I know…I dont even know if you read everything I write! ha ha!!!


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