Windy night…..

We had some rain today. The creek is almost over its bank but not quite. Tomorrow Tyler has his first soccer game and Lexi’s is on Sunday.

I’ve been struggling to figure out where I go from here. What does God want me to do next? I called the Shirley that also has Ovarian Cancer and there seems to be somewhat of a need there but, because of certain circumstances, it is really hard to deturmine the exact need.

I am anxious to return to work next Monday but I know I can’t push it. They will work with me on that for which I am grateful for.

I am hoping to take at least Lexi to an Easter Egg hunt tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Windy night…..

  1. Why not write about your faith as you travelled through the maze of ovarian cancer and submit it to a Christian womens magazine … you may touch someone totally unknown to you who is struggling along.


  2. Wow Denise…you lost 47 lbs, thats a lot! why in the world would you need to lose another 30 lbs? you look really good already dear! It may rain in a few days here. I hope so because we need it. Is your backyard going to get flooded this year? I hope not. Its nice you are reaching out to others in need…you have a good heart dear…yeah…take it easy going back to work…you have to gain all your strength back first….take care dear & I like your “glimpses in our lives” pics =D


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