Happy Spring!

The first photo is Norm and I tonight at the fire company banquet.

The second photo is Nicole in her Spinster Costume from the musical “Lucky Stiff”. Norm got her flowers. (Norm and I went to see it Friday night)

Been busy the past few days switching winter clothes for summer clothes. I’m not quite finished but have most of it done.
Tomorrow the whole family will go see “Lucky Stiff.” It will be a matinee performance and the last one. Then soccer season takes over.
One note: In redoing my blog I lost some of your addy’s to your blogs so can you please add your link and post me a message if you are not listed in my friend’s links. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Happy Spring!”

  1. Hi dear, Yay, you found my link! Thats a nice pic of you and your hubby…and congrats to your daughter for her play…! Thats great that you all are going again…must be fun to see her acting on stage…thanks for the email abou tht signature…I’ll try and figure out in the next few weeks…Wow…I also like your Faces of Courage box! You are getting to be such a web desinger…I’ll have to ask you later how you did that too..hee hee…!


  2. Hi DeniseI am really sorry to hear about your bout with ovarian cancer, but thrilled to see you’re making your way through it. You look fantastic, by the way. How is your family doing? PLease tell them I said hello. I can’t even remember the last time I saw any of you guys!Melody McFarland


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