Planning on enjoying the weeknd

I told Norm it seems like I missed most of winter this year because I’ve been mostly stuck inside. I am glad there wasn’t much snow that needed to be shoveled. Till I get over this next chemo it will be almost spring. I will be going in on Tuesday to get started and hopefully come home Friday.
There hasn’t been much interesting happening this week. Nicole has been practicing most days for the spring musical. I am hoping I am well enough to go see it in a few weeks. She also has been an assistant coach at the middle school with the Speedstacking Team. She only got home at 7 this morning from the Mini-thon the school had to benefit the 4 Diamonds fund which helps families of kids with cancer.
Last night and this morning Norm was going to a men’s conference at church. I am hoping he enjoys himself since he hasn’t much chance to do that since I got sick.
I hope to get to church tomorrow. I haven’t been able to go the past few weeks and I may not get there over the next few weeks. Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Planning on enjoying the weeknd

  1. i hope you can go to church too. I know what you mean, it makes me feel so good and inspired. your daughter is so active in singing and sports! thats wonderful!


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