Chemo tomorrow

Tonight was hard but could have been harder. First I had to let the dog at the kennel this morning. I felt bad for doing that to him but I figured at least he would get the attention he needs and a big yard to run in. I didn’t want to have to pin that extra responsibility on my family. I just felt like a traitor walking out the door with him watching me and not understanding why we left him there.
Then this evening I had to let my kids at my mom’s house. I felt bad leaving them but it’s a relief knowing they will be cared for by someone they know well. I did not want to leave them with a different person every day. I went through that when I was a kid and my father was in the hospital from a bad accident that he still does not feel comfortable talking about and I remember how lonely, insecure and isolated I felt. I did not want that for my kids. I felt bad leaving them but I know they will be well cared for. I hope someday they understand how hard it was for me to leave them and that I am doing it so I can be around for them for many many more years.
I am taking my brother’s computer back in. He gave me a crash course on it so I will try it again and see if I can get into the system. If I can I will be updating here but, if not, then i guess ya won’t see me till Saturday or Sunday.
First though my oncologist asked me to come into his office before we head o the hospital. I still don’t think I understand why but it doesn’t sound like it will last really long. It just means extra traveling in possibly bad weather so please keep us in your prayers!

4 thoughts on “Chemo tomorrow

  1. Hi Denise! God Bless you on this 2nd round of chemo! Your kids with your mom will be well taken care of I’m sure! Grandma is the best next to you! And your doggy, well he will be well cared for too. You just focus on relaxing and getting your chemo. God bless you dear and sending you wishes for a speedy recovery!


  2. Praying Denise … that your body tolerate the chemotherapy better this time around. The kids will be fine, of course you know that, and Cody will have all sorts of playmates and will be havine a little vacation.


  3. Hi Denise, I’ve been viewing your old blog, I just now found your new one. I have been reading up a storm and viewing the pics. I wanted to let you know too that I will be praying for you. God Bless


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