Very tiring shopping trip

We had traveled to an outlet today we had gotten a gift card for and spent the day shopping. We are all very tired. It didn’t take long for Lexi to crash and Norm os also out on his lounge chair. I was pleased at all I got for her but had been hoping to find more for Tyler. It was hard to find clothes in his size. Most of the stores either had small children or adult……very little in his size, esp. since he wears Slims. Got Nicole an outfit or two and I got an outfit. We all got at least one book. Norm and I plan to go back sometime later when the chemo is over……without kids……

One thought on “Very tiring shopping trip

  1. I’m glad you guys had a good time shopping. I started my first day of preceptorship yesterday. I’m going in again today. eight hours down but I have 200 hours to put in at the hospital! This doesnt count the 140 hours I have to put into my public/community health hours and 40 hours leadership hours. I’ll be a busy bee! Have a great day!


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