Yay! My counts went back up!

Been feeling in a funk the past few days but late this afternoon I finally got word that my counts went back up so I can go in next week and get another round over with. I’m not looking forwad to going in, especially for so many days but I just want it to be done….. over…… completed. So now I have to wrap my mind not only with packing for the hospital but packing my kids stuff while they stay at my mom’s and my sister’s. I also have to “pack” Coby for the kennel we are putting him at….although that is just packing his food.
Norm is turning 40 this Sunday. I could not plan a party this year but I did have a few other ideas that I hope all work out.
Lexi keeps asking that I pray for her fishie to be healed and that we can get him out of the toilet. Not sure what she will say when it doesn’t happen. I thought about getting her something else but I just don’t know what…… something maintainance free….. a pet rock, perhaps?

2 thoughts on “Yay! My counts went back up!

  1. Yay!! Your count is back up! Yee!! I’m glad my dear. Happy 40th Birthday to Norm!! I hope you guys have a great day on Sunday. Awww, Lexie wants her fish to be healed…how very cute…!


  2. Glad to hear that your counts have recovered and that you can carry on with your chemotherapy. Did you manage to get a computer for the hospital??Happy Birthday to Norm … I am sure his year will be the best just knowing that you are going to be healthy.


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