Chemo pushed off a week.

My oncology nurse called me this afternoon to tell me that my chemo has been pushed off until February 3. My bloodwork this morning showed that my blood counts are too low…..I am to stay away from sick people and not over exert myself. She said that does not mean I am to lay around all day though because I asked if I could walk up to get my children from school since it’s the only nice day so far. Was a little bummed out. Had hoped to get it over with.
Norm shaved my head for me since I was developing bald spots on my head. Wasn’t thrilled about it but the falling out hair was driving me crazy… now I wear wigs and hats.

2 thoughts on “Chemo pushed off a week.”

  1. Hi Dear, take it easy step by step. Don’t forget your breathing excercises too. Sometimes my patients forget to breathe correctly and I teach them how and to do relaxation excercises. Not too many nurses teach that but I made it a point to do that with my patients because it helps oxygenate your brain, vital organs, and relaxes you. I’m sorry it was postoponed but I’m sure with rest, good food, your blood counts will go back up before you know it. I’m sure you look good Denise, with or without wigs or hats. =) Hugs and God Bless…


  2. Sorry to hear that your next chemo is delayed but better than going ahead with counts that are too low. Now is the time that you are most susceptible to getting others colds and bugs, as I am sure the home care nurse told you … so promise me you will be careful. Embrace that beautiful head that God gave you … it must make you feel very vulnerable, we always have our hair to “hide” behind but all the women I know who have chosen to be bald during chemo are beautiful. Check out some scarves and some interesting ways to tie them, you may even get Nicole and Lexi matching scarves and come up with some unique ways to wear them, bring everyone together on it.


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