Snowing today

Today I needed to visit my family doctor. My oncologist took me off my blood pressure med and referred me to my family physician for ongoing care. My family doctor decided to let me off for the next six weeks due to my problems with dehydration… least until after the chemo is finished.
Yesterday I went to church again and people seemed surprised as to how well I looked. I didn’t tell them that I had a little help from Clarion moisturizing foundation. My skin had been looking really dry and not nice looking so I decided to look for something to add moisture especially since the dehydration issues. It made a world of difference….. that and the new haircut which is growing on me….literally. LOL.
Somebody had on someplace where you are supposed to write 16 things about yourself. I will try for ten……
1. I learn music quicker by ear than by reading.
2. When I was younger I learned Psalm 100 without realizing till later in life. (thanks to Bill Gaither)
3. I get panic attacks when things move too quickly around me.
4. I am great with maps.
5. I used to work as a nursing assistant and enjoyed it for the most part.
6. I was once carried away by a runaway horse.
7. I lost a baby three and a half months after giving birth to Lexi.
8. I once owned an attack dwarf rabbit. Norm as afraid of it and made me give it away before he married me.
9. I origionally injured my rotator cuff several years ago breaking into my parents house. I had been caring for their dog and locked my keys inside.
10. This current haircut had been the first time I have had my hair cut professionally since before I was married.




3 thoughts on “Snowing today

  1. oooo ahhhh, nice re-decorating in here! I like it! You look great working on your computer there & your blouse color-coordinates w/ the background! Hmmm, good that you are taking time off dear, its good for you to take it slow. Interesting whatnots you list there – didnt know you were great with maps; didn't know you could ride a horse let alone hang on as it became run-away (hee hee)I would love to get on a horse one day. I've touched several, but never been on one; didnt know Norm was scared of attack rabbits (ha ha); I dont get panic attacks but I get dizzy when too many people are around me (like at a concert or mall); your hair has always been cute so i didnt know this was professional versus not professional! Gee, Coby is such a handsome dog. Lucky him, he has a friend named Marly like in the movie. I like your framed picture…”My God is bigger than my cancer.” husband and I just had our 14 year anniversary last week…we are 4 years behind you two!! =D


  2. great new look on your blog. i like it. and i love your 10 about you. hmmm, we have something in common there. i was also carried away by a runaway horse. i was very thankful that he stopped when I (who had their foot stuck in the stirrup) flipped upside down with the saddle that had come loose! of course, at the time i was very mad at that stupid horse for nearly killing me then just standing there LOOKING AT ME as I lay half in a creek stream and half still stuck to the saddle that was upside down! Goodness, i hope your’re laughing right now cause I sure am! thanks for the trip down memory lane! (I think! LOL)


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