Ended up at dr this morning

I haven’t been feeling right lately and this morning had issues with fighting blacking out. My sister took me to the doctor and it was discovered I am dehydrated……. which Norm has been getting on me about. I am trying to force fluids but it’s hard when you also fight nausea. My sister got me 4 cases of gatorade to drink. I asked the doctor for a paper telling my husband he can’t say “I told you so” but the dr refused with a bit of a snicker on his face and told me that is Norm’s job as my husband. Foiled again!
He did decide that I will start next treatment on Tuesday January 27 and go for about 5 days. I will need admitted first for some kind of test first.
Well, I need to get off and lay down some more so I will update later.

2 thoughts on “Ended up at dr this morning”

  1. Praying you are feeling better. I have heard from various friends that the salty clear fluids settle in their stomachs better, like chicken or beef broth.


  2. Ha ha men..they love it when they are right…if he wants to say “i told you so” let him…you can get him back next time…hee hee. how about ice chips? Or popsicles? you can even put your favorite juice in the ice tray and then put a toothpick in it when its semi-set. I personally don’t like the taste of those gatorade…but yes full of fluids and electrolytes so put those in an ice tray! stay warm and take care to you all…


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