Last Sunday in 2008…..

Tyler was still at my sister’s house so I just took Lexi and Nicole to church this morning and then came back home to keep an eye on Norm. I still am concerned about him for a few reasons, one being that his blood pressure has been putting him at risk to pass out again. He plans to go to work tomorrow for at least four hours. I emailed his supervisor telling her to keep an eye on him but I don’t know if she will see it tomorrow or not.
This week has been a little stressful, to say the least. I remember thinking at one time, “God, what are you doing here? We don’t need this on top of everything else. The kids particularly didn’t need it.”
Nicole and Tyler actually saw it happen but Lexi picked up on at as well, as we rushed back after the fact. In fact last night she was pretending to pass out and when she “woke up” she told me to tell her to stay laying down. It was that ingrained in her six year old mind. I was so glad that night not only for the friends who jumped in and took over but also for the ones who took the kids aside to console them because Nicole was pretty shook up and Tyler seemed to be in a state of shock. I know Norm never would have listened to me telling him to stay down like he listened to the friends who took over. Then when he was a little more aware, they got him out of the lobby that was filling up and into the kitchen on a chair till I had transportation to the hospital set up.
This coming week will prove to be busy, providing we don’t end up at the hospital again. All three kids have dentist appointments between Monday and Tuesday. Tyler also has his eye doctor appointment and we are touring the chemo unit on Tuesday. I am hoping Wednesday is quiet however Nicole has been asking to have a friend over that night. On Thursday we go to a family gathering with my mom’s side of the family and on Friday we attempt the family vacation that was disrupted this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Last Sunday in 2008…..

  1. Hi Denise, gosh, Lexi sure does remember it based on her role-playing. She is such a tender heart. Awww, she tell s you to have her keep laying down. Awww. I’m sorry Nicole and Tyler witnessed that. It must be scary for them right now to have Dad faint and then Mom going to the hospital. I’m sorry for all of these worries you all have lately. I know things will get better. You take it easy this upcoming busy week! I wrote down a list of to-do’s for me this week since I have one week left of “vacation” before my next semester starts. This past week went by so quickly! God Bless You ALL my dear. PS I really like that pic of you and Norm on the right there. You look so young! hee hee.


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