Spent the afternoon at the doctor’s

I had fallen a few days after Thanksgiving. I’ve been having pain in my back around the right shoulder blade. It’s worse when I lay down and have to get up or roll over. The dr. thinks I have a fracture He set me for x-rays. He should get the results tomorrow. Meanwhile, there isn’t really a treatment for it….. just treat for pain until it heals. He gave me a heavy pain pill/muscle relaxer for night time and told me it will knock me out…. that I should go to bed by 9 if I need to get up by 6. He told me it should help with the pain. He said if something else is there, it will show up. (I asked him to make sure they check because now I am really paranoid about that.) He could tell just by looking at my back exactly where it hurt…..it must have been swollen or something.
I am glad he gave me something to knock me out because while I was gone the oncologist called and asked me to return their call before 4:30 or tomorrow. I just missed it by 10 minutes. I would probably wonder what they want all night.

One thought on “Spent the afternoon at the doctor’s

  1. I’m glad it wasnt fractured or a tumor. I’m sorry they show signs of arthrities. I had that show on a xray too a while back when I had my physical. Its what happens when you go into your 40s. Our bodies are aging. =(


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