Snowy Tuesday

It’s been snowing almost all day. The ground is covered but it’s not accumulating much. They are expecting it to get icy tonight. Work went okay. I was exhausted yesterday. Did better today.

Lexi’s choir sang on Sunday morning. She kept turning her head so it’s hard to see her.


Nicole’s school choir also sang Sunday afternoon. This is only a small part of the choir.


Norm and I in front of the Christmas tree



One thought on “Snowy Tuesday

  1. thats a nice pic of you and Norm. Must have been nice to watch your kids singing. Nice moments. Grace sang in the choir too last week Thursday. Actually it was their christmas play. I could hardly get a pic of her though because she is so short and I couldnt see her past some of the taller kids. Anyway, its been raining here the last few days and all of a sudden…ANTs have come into our house!! I hate those darn ants getting into everything. Okay, I better go now…Tiger wants out.


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