A month since my surgery

Yesterday marked a month since my surgery. We went to church first hour. It was nice to be back.

Later on in the afternoon we went to see our new nephew, Mason, who is two weeks old.








1 thought on “A month since my surgery”

  1. Dear Denise, you look so cute and young! I like your hair, natural curls? Awwww, I love babies! How fun how fun! I like Tylers train too. We have a train somewhere but when we moved, I don’t know where hubby put it! Sunday I had him take down my christmas stuff and slowly but surely my goal is to put our tree up by end of week I hope. Its back to classes and clinicals for me though and so don’t know if I can manage my time. I just got back (its 10:52pm here)from Kohls (its a store) and bought some stuff. I found a couple pair of pants for me (boo hoo I had to buy BIGGER pants) that I had to buy because its hard to find size SHORT pants. Anyway, I had fun looking around. My kids were already in bed when I left and Kohls is very close to us. Anyway…it doesn’t seem like one month passed already. I can’t believe it. It seems only a few weeks ago but then again proving how time flies. Anyway my dear, take it easy and I’m glad you had fun seeing your nephey. He is a cutie.


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