Woke up this morning with snow. It doesn’t usually lay this early in the season around here. Norm says that means we will get 21 more significant snowfalls. Not sure if I like the sound of that!






Norm took me to my job to get my paystub and then to his job for his stub. It was nice to see everyone this morning at work. It was also nice to get out. It’s been hard to get a walk in with the cold and now the snow. We were going to go to church to walk in the activity center but they closed it for renovations. Norm asked if I’d like to go to an area mall that is pretty big. I told him I was afraid I would tire out walking from the van in the huge parking lot to the mall. I hate the idea of driving awhile just to get a walk in especially the way the economy is going.
A lady brought a meal by for us this afternoon but I may save it for tomorrow lunch when hopefully everyone will be home. Tomorrow night Nicole has an awards party with the band and Norm may have to work. Nicole is going with the band to a sectional football game tonight an hour away. I hope she can keep warm. Don’t need her getting sick! Norm is working tonight so it will be just the three of us.
A friend brought some groceries yesterday including treats for Coby. It was funny to see him actually stand on his hind legs to snff the treat bag. He usually won’t put that much effort into standing for anything.
Been getting bored and frustrated because I want to do my own housework and it drives me crazy that I can’t. Once I get the okay, this house is getting a good cleaning because I never got around to fall housecleaning…… which means washing the windows.

One thought on “Snow!

  1. I like your bird feeders! I want one like that! So you just put bread in the wire there? I love watching birds outside my window. We have a tree where they land but I don’t have a bird feeder and its been on my to-do…for years now. haha! We don’t have squirrels though! I like squirrels..they are so cute! I guess they have to eat too right? Wow, you have snow! How nice! I wish we could get a little bit of snow too…but you’ll never guess it was 77 today and I was cold. haha! I like the streets and trees in your neighborhood. What is the coldest temp you all get there? And how high is the snow? I know you are bored and frustrated because like I said, you are MOM and you are a busy bee normally. But take it easy my dear and enjoy some TV and read your books or write a book! Do you check your email regularly or does your hubby check it? I wondered about that…because I thought of sending you a personal email some time…


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