Telling kids tonight……..

This is going to be really hard. Tyler already suspects that I have it and I have a feeling Nicole knows something is up as well. Norm went to pick up Lexi & Tyler from church today and Tyler asked asked Norm later if I have cancer that everyone keeps asking how I was doing. When he told me I just burst into tears because I just hate to hurt them so. Anyway, prayers for that would be appreciated.
Took a couple of walks today although the last one almost did me in because a neighbor down the street stopped us to chat. She also has cancer and it does not look promising for her.
We have been so blessed with family and friends, particularly church family, dropping by with meals and gifts, sending cards or flowers. It’s been really touching how so many have stepped forward to show that they care. We aren’t sure when we will be able to sit through a service again….without crying. There are so many songs that just trigger you. When the OBGYN first confirmed that the tumor was cancer last Thursday and we got out to the car and the song, “Jesus Bring the Rain” came on and I started crying. I’ve always been muscically inclined so He’s been putting not only verses into my head when I need it but songs as well. I put the You Tube to that song to the right. I think if you don’t know the song, you will see why it’s so special. It was special to me before all of this ever started and maybe that was a God thing. I love the video that goes with it.
I went to work the other day to visit the ladies and the first thing my boss said was, “You’re in your PJ’s! ” Igrinned rather sheepishly and told her that I have never been one to wear pajamas in public but that al changed when I had surgery mostly because it’s more comfortable on my rather large incicion. (groin area to 2 inches above the belly button.) Funny how something can completely change your view.
BTW, I think I did lose 10-15 pounds from this and tht’s a praise….I guess. Another praise is that Norm was supposed to have jury duty tomorrow. It was put off from last summer. We were dreading having to deal with it because we were told they would get really nasty but the lady was so nice about it. Norm actually got released from it and won’t need to think about it for at least a year!
On a more humorous note, the squirrels have decided to take advantage of my convelescance and been attacking my bird feeder food court in full force. Norm keeps chasing them away but he came back in once and said, “They’re back…in numbers this time!” There was 6-8 out there. We put Coby(dog) on squirrel duty over lunch time.

2 thoughts on “Telling kids tonight……..

  1. Hi Denise, I’m glad it went well with Nicole and Tyler. that must have been tough though. I’m happy to hear you have lots of nice people around you. I listened to that you tube video you have on the side there. I really like it alot too. Thanks for sharing that. I’m glad Norm doesnt have to go to jury duty. It’s weird that I have NEVER been called to jury duty in my life. I wouldn’t mind serving. Awww I can imagine Coby chasing those squirrels. Too cute. Take care my dear and I’ll be praying for you…


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