Yesterday I made applesauce and digitally recorded every step for your enjoyment……
LOL! Okay, maybe it’s not your cup of tea. I was in a mood, okay!

Today I canned peaches.


5 thoughts on “Canning”

  1. I am so totally impressed, I can’t even convey to you how impressed I am! Wow, I have never see that at all ever. That strainer is bigger than Lexi! Anyway, I am so interested: Why do you boil the lids first? And what does the canner do – are you boiling the jars again w/apple sause inside? Anyway, what a wonderful treat you made for your family, esp during the winter time!! And I was just cracking up and cracking up reading this blog…I LOVED IT! You are so creative my dear and I totally had a kick with your shock of dishes and snoring on the couch. You’re getting to be a great comedian….heee heee… thanks for the nice break from my hectic week! Hugs!


  2. Hi again friend, I just noticed yor scrolling message…happy anniversary to you both wonderful people! Also, I hope Nicole’s appt goes well. Let me know what the cardiologist does (in terms of testing) and what he/she says. I’m interested in cardiology. I wish Nicole the best. As well as your dear grandfather. And all the little kids you mention…you are such a sweetheart Denise…


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