I decided to try this and see how I liked it. I had started this a fe months ago, got frustrated with the html and let it go for awhile. Decided to come back and figure it out. I got most figured it…… just can’t figure out how I got such a big header…… or how to fi it. Guess I will have to play with the html some more.

I had always had my writing ones here but I haven’t had time for them much lately either.

Well, enjoy. I will try and work on moving some of my posts from the old blog to here as I can but I know I won’t get them all!


2 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Hmm, I wish I could advise you on the html but I dont have a clue on those things. It took me hours on end to figure what mine looks like and my blogs not the greatest at all. I would love to do more with it but dont have time to figure it out right now. Anyway, you write so well Denise and I enjoy reading your blogs. You’re also very creative and love the captions you put on your pictures. You have a good sense of humor and I’m happy I found a nice online friend like you. Take care and I’m jealous you have birds and butterflies in your backyard and hanging on your rug! haha! We have a lot of construction around our place now (houses, strip malls, apartments) and I always wonder if there really is enough people to live in these places but I guess there is. Its getting overcrowded. I would rather live in the country. Maybe someday. I dont know. Are those creatures from your backyard pictures you took???? Well either way, you’re lucky to have those in your backyard. We have jackrabbits but they are getting run over and burried under the construction. Lots of skunks in the road too run over. We have owls and hawks and herons though that are neat to watch. Lots of mice and ants. Tiger, our cat, left us a present on our doormat going into the garage. I nearly stepped on the darn thing and screamed out in horror of the dead mouse. Now Tiger has fleas (im thinking because the mouse died and its fleas jumped on Tiger) so I have to order some flea stuff. So yes, those are the kind of creatures we have..ha ha!


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