As we enter August…………


It’s going to be a busy month for us.  The week will be busy enough!  This Monday I will have my nephews.  Tuesday I go to the doctor for a check up and stuff for my job.  My mom would also like me to come and pick their green beans since they are on vacation.  On Wednesday Norm gets his teeth removed.  All week Nicole has band camp….and all next week as well.  My two youngest wish to go to a local VBS this week. On Saturday I have Worship Team practice for Sunday’s service.  I may also have 4 dozen ears of corn to cut and freeze.

The next week is Nicole’s band camp plus I have a Women’s picnic on Wednesday and a Booster Meeting on Thursday.  Norm also has a Frat meeting on Thursday and on Friday night is Parent’s night at Band Camp.  There is also kindergarten orientation in there somewhere…..


The following week is Nicole’s freshman orientation, two days to tour the high school and Spirit Night with the band.


Our schools start the last Monday in August…although Lexi only goes about 90 minutes the first day……


We have yet to get soccer schedules for Lexi or Tyler……

There is an Open House at Norm’s fire house our booster is working on this month too.

And somewhere in there I need to finish school shopping although I have most of stuff now…. plus shirts for my job.  Speaking of which, I heard a rumor there may be a p/t opening coming up but am waiting on confirmation on that before letting them know I am interested.

I feel tired just thinking about it!

While I am at it, I would like to promote my friend, Janet, who recently published her first book which I have not had a chance to read yet…..I knew her waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when she was voted the quietest in our high school class.  In fact I knew her since elementary school.  We didn’t go to the same elem. school but ran into each other at other places.   Janet, kudos on your book!


One thought on “As we enter August…………

  1. Gosh Denise, you will be busy this month!!! You are so involved with your kids and with church. I admire that. Since I’ve gone back to school, I havent been able to do everything I wanted to do with our church. My kids still alter serve on Sundays but I dont stay to help with activities after church. We leave right away. My kids start school again on Aug 21st, Alyssa will be in 8th grade and she just turned 13 on Aug 7th!!! Wow, Nicole will be a Freshman!! Oh gosh Denise, can you imagine how fast the next 4 years will go? I can’t believe my oldest is even in 8th grade now. Cool, I know you’re an avid reader and its neat you know someone who wrote a book! Try and get one autographed. he he! I read but only school books…maybe one day, I will go back to reading for recreation. Have a great weekend w/ your family!!


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