Winter Weigh-In Woes!

I’ve got it! I figured out the secret! The question? Why can’t women lose weight over the winter? The answer is the best kept secret of the chocolate manufacturers. The simple truth hit me today as I was scarfing down my twenty-something piece of Valentine’s Day choclate.The answer is as plain as the chubby nose on your face. HOLIDAY!

If you think about it, it’a a brillant concept. Create a holiday every four to six weeks so that they keep buying chocolate and junk food. We start out in October with Halloween. Kids come to your door looking for goodies and you take an opportuinity to graze along with them or you might take your child trick-or-treating and a Hershey’s Chocolate Bar with Almonds falls out of one of their bags right into your open hand.
Thanksgiving arrives with its own tempting treasures as well as Christmas who also adds a need for choclate for your loved ones’s stockings. All those parties and family gatherings loaded with good-will and calories.
In February comes Valentine’s Day…..where you are committing a cardinal sin by not buying your loved one something sweet. Then six weeks later comes Easter with baskets overflowing with choclate bunnies and marshmallow chicks.
That is why most people lose during the summer. Companies haven’t come up with a holiday to celebrate gorging yourself with megagrams of trans-fats. I am willing to bet that the diet companies are in on the weight-loss scam….after all, they are profiting as well. I think I am going to go on a No Chocolate Stirke…..and I think I will start right after Easter

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