Dog-Gone It!

Today is New years Eve. Since I had awakened early and planned to stay up till midnight to see the New Year in, I had hoped for a little nap. My kids cooperated giving me space and relative quiet on the couch. Unfortunately COby, our CHocolate Lab, had other ideas. He wanted to play.

I kept getting toys shoved into me from his balls to other chew toys. I was expected to toss them so he could fetch them so I could toss them again. I told him to go away. He did. For about five minutes and then he was back.

Well, after awhile it was quiet but I had a queer feeling so I peeked out from under my lashes…..and saw a pair of brown eyes staring me down. His head was perched next to me on the sofa looking right at me. He realized I was watching and started inching closer to my face. “Dog! So help me, you better not be thinkinb’ on kissin’ me!”

I closed my eyes and settled back for some Zzzz’s and was almost in dreamland floating on a cloud when my chin suddenly got wet….not just wet but slurped! I jumped up, “DOG!” He hightales it for his crate…preferrably the back where I can’t reach him.

Decided to just get up and get things up but I swear I could almost read the dog’s mind……Sounded a lot like, “Mission accomplished!”


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