Imaginary Friend With A Twist

Recently Lexi had an imaginary friend over a few times….. named Amy.
Well, she has since topped herself and has gone where very few five year olds have gone before. She introduced us to her “boyfriend”, Jerry. Jerry is a quiet fellow. He wears his heart on his sleeve…he is that transparent! He sat next to my husband for supper. Dh told Lexi that Jerry will be going home when it gets dark and she informed him that Jerry will be sleeping overnight.
My husband told her, “Okay, but on the sofa.”
To which Lexi replied, “No, he is sleeping in MY room!”
Norm asked her where and she said “On the floor.”
Nicole said, “Well, he ain’t sleeping in our bed!”
I asked her what Jerry will be doing while she is getting a bath.
She said “Waiting for me.” My husband said, “He’s going to be down in the living room with me cause I’m gonna have to have a talk with him. No funny stuff with my daughter or I’m gonna hurt him.”
To which Lexi replied, “Oh, you can’t get Jerry! He’s good!”
Meanwhile Nicole and I were both laughing hysterically. My husband takes 2 swings at Jerry….of course he missed both times…..according to Lexi. He then told Lexi that Jerry better keep his lips off of her.
Lexi looked surprised for a second and then said, “We’re gonna kiss!” I thanked Norm for planting that idea in my child’s head. Later we were talking about whether we had ice cream in the freezer and Lexi walked over to the freezer and opened it. “HEY! JERRY BROUGHT US ICE CREAM! MOOSETRACKS!”ALmost had to do the heimlich on Nicole who was trying to get her mac & cheese down and erupted into a huge coughing fit from laughing so hard.
Isn’t it funny what goes through a five year old’s mind? Wouldn’t you just love to be able to read it? Or maybe not!

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