Empty Nest

I am so not looking forward to when all my chicks leave the nest. Because my children are spread so far apart in ages, I have a long time to wait. As long as the Lord sees fit not to take any of my children home, I figure I have at least fifteen more years until my last little fledgling flies away. (Unless I find a way to clip their wings. Hey! There’s a novel idea!)

I had a small taste of it yesterday when my mother-in-law chose to take my youngest for the day. No matter how many scrapes she can get herself into or how many ways she can concoct to get on my nerves, the moment she left the hoouse, she took the sunshine with her. A stifling gloom enveloped me in despair and darkness and it was my unwanted associate for the bulk of the day. When she returned late in the afternoon, the sun was her welcome companion.
There were numerous times a seasoned grandmother would approach me with, “Enjoy them while they’re young. The time goes by so quickly.” I believe that wholeheartedly. It is so hard to remember that my thirteen year old was once a baby and yet it was like it was yesterday. She already is maturing into an adult wanting to try her wings by exerting her own independance and, yet, as many times she wants to make her own way, she often returns and seems to want her mother’s attention and care.

My son often wonders why mom won’t let him walk home from school by himself. After all, he is eight years old and not a baby and, yet, every morning he asks if I will be coming for him. I know my children recognize that with parent supervision also comes protection and security. Deep down inside they are torn between growing up and staying under that umbrella.

Yes, I plan to enjoy these years, as hard and stressful as they can be because I know in less then twenty years I will give anything to have them back.


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