I’m Going To Run Away!

That was the announcement my four and a half year old made today when she did not get her own way….. and then she ran…. all the way to the living room. Four year olds seem to have it tough. They are still wanting to depend on their moms and, yet, they are trying to establish independance. Saying they are going to run away is like a stroke of independance for them even though it may be agrivating for their parents. My oldest daughter, Nicole, was five when she made that announcement. Her baby brother was just born and she suddenly realized that he was getting all the attention and we “lost” the address to return him. Theatrical as she was, one day she made the announcement. “I am running away!”
Amused, I asked, “Well, where are you going?”
“To grandma’s!”
“Well, how will you get there?”
“I’ll walk!” (Note: Grandma was at least 5 miles away!)
“Well, then you’re going to have to pack a bag.”
So she packed one. She went and got a small paper lunch bag and filled it with her necessities; a pair of underwear, socks and a toothbrush. Then she started out for grandma’s. Of course, I would not let her past the neighbors.
Kids this age can uncannily cause the funniest sitcoms. I recently found my youngest daughter’s hairbrush. I asked her if she’s been brushing the cat. “Nope,” she replied, “That’s dog hair.”
Then there was the time a few years ago that I found that the wall had been “decorated”. I said,”Tyler, you and I both know you did this!” Tyler hung his head but said nothing so I continued, “So you are going to have to give me your crayons for awhile.”
“It was done with markers.”

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