To be or what can it be? That is the question.

Image10aI discovered a small brown edible tidbit on my pantry shelf today. It was obvious one of the kids must have dropped it while scavenging for something to satisfy their hunger. I studied the item, turning and pivoting it between my forefinger and my thumb observing the bite size item’s object’s color, shading and texture carefully. Finally, unable to locate in my mind the exact source of the item, I tossed it into the trash can. It’s pretty bad when you can’t distinguish the difference between a piece of child’s cereal and cat food.

I mean, really! Why do they have to look so much alike? Do you suppose that they are one and the same but in different packaging? Perhaps Purina and General Foods are one and the same! Now, before I get 101 horrified readers protesting either the above mentioned companies or the ridiculousness of my words, please be assured. I do not actually believe that Chocolate Lucky Charms are actually cat vittles with marshmallows…..but let’s just suppose.
And, while we are sharing food with our favorite furry felines, let’s not forget our canine companions. I have came up with a novel idea I think can really make a little money. My dog and cat want to eat each other’s food anyway; why don’t Purina actually make a Multi-Pet Food? I think it would sell. Chicken vittles with a twist of peanut butter….Hey, my cat and dog would probably kill over it. And my husband thought I was sitting around all day doing nothing! Hey, my brain was working overtime conjuring up that brilliant concept! You wait and see! A year from now you will see this advertised on television using a cat and dog contently eating from the same bowl and you can say to yourself that you read it here first!

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