I Am Not Even Going To Ask You How Got In That Position!

     Tonight I put the kids to bed and the girls were goofing around on the bunks. Nicole is on top and Lexi on the bottom. I jump in the shower and after a bit I hear Nicole yell what sounded like Lexi was getting out of bed…. which is normal. SHe is always crawling out. So I yell for her to get back in and Nicole yells again, “No mom! I need help! I am falling out of bed.” Remember she is in the top bunk and, as I rush out of shower dripping wet, I run in to find my almost 12 year old hanging upside down. Apparently she tried leaning over the bed to either talk or horse around with Lexi and couldn’t get back up so there she was hanging and laughing hysterically. I don’t think she’d be laughing if she fell on her head…  I left saying over my shoulder, “I am not even going to ask how you got in that position!”
On Sunday tragedy befell our church.  A friend of Norm, Chet, and his wife, Karen, were motorcycling with two other couples.  They don’t know if a preexisting medical condition caused it or if her just lost control, but they ended up over an embankment.  Chet was killed instantly.  Karen is still in the hospital.  They will be performing an autopsy to find out if his condition caused him to black out or have a heart attack.  They didn’t know if he died from that or his injuries.  He leaves behind two children.  This has really hit the men of our church hard.  Chet was a leader in the men’s ministry and they had just all been together on Saturday evening.  Norm said Chet was all excited about expanding the men’s ministry by starting a Christian Bikers Club.  One of the ladies at soccer practice tonight who goes to my church said, “The hardest part for me if I was in that place would be not getting a chance to say “Good-bye” and “I love you” one last time.  The ironic part about it?  One of the things I heard was that our pastor happened to be up at the hospital when Chet was flown in.  It’s not our county hospital but the Penn State Medical Center.  Our pastor was visiting Katelyn (who I mentioned before) and he was just leaving when the helicopter came in and unloaded Chet. He watched them unload Chet even though he didn’t know who it was.  Then the friends Chet was riding with drove up on their cycles and broke the news to the pastor.  This is going to be a hard funeral to go to.  We are hearing story after story of how Chet has impacted people’s lives for Christ.  The hardest part understanding is why God had to take him now because he had so much more he wanted to give.  Please pray for Karen as her lung collapsed as a result of a broken rib and cannot make arrangements until she gets home and it probably hurts as well that she cannot be there to comfort her children.  Please pray for her children as well.  Daughter, Allison, 11 or 12, and son, Derek, at least 16.


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