We Need Paper and We Need Books But We Don’t Need Teacher’s Dirty Looks

I cannot believe school starts again on Monday!  This summer seemed to go so fast!  We got the last of the kids things they need for school lat night.  I had to get Nicole a new lunch box.  Her other one developed legs…or just used Lexi’s legs.  I vaguely remember using it for Lexi when I took her to a babysitter once but I forget where or if I brought it home.  She likes to play with it too so it could be anywhere…including the sanitation department!
Last night we dropped Nicole off at the leadership retreat and stopped at K-mart to pick up the lunch box, washable markers for Tyler and Lexi’s birthday presents.  I wasn’t sure what to get Lexi.  SHe didn’t really need any toys and I didn’t have a whole lot to spend.  I did get a few things.  They had a lot on clearance.
Tonight we have to pick Nicole up at 5:30.  I went to a clothing giveaway.  This place does it annually and is known for their quality stuff.  Unfortunately the kids didn’t need a lot and the stuff they could have used I couldn’t find.  I should get the girls something to wear to bed for the winter.  SInce Lexi is potty training I don’t like putting her in one piece suits/pj’s. Nicole could use shoes but she almost should have been there to try them on because her feet are growing so much.  Ty and Lexi could use a good pair of shoes yet as well.  This church is having a Ladies’ program this fall that is sort of like Women of Faith.  I was thinking about going.  Today they also set up a cafe with brunch items and had a praise band which was nice.
Tomorrow we want to go to a Fun Fest type thing at another church.  Norm heard the advertisement.  I heard they are doing all kinds of stuff.
Then Monday is SCHOOL.  We are hoping next year to send Lexi to preschool.  Okay, gtg.  Wanna bake some cupcakes!


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