A Little Sunburned

Yesterday it was really hot at the baseball game.  The kids seemed to have some fun although it scared them(Esp Nicole) close to the beginning of the game when a foul ball hit a kid in the front row close to Home Plate.  They had a net behind most of Home plate but he was just beyond it.  Our team lost…4-1.  Nicole gave her Bobblehead to Norm.  They also had a Men’s Health Faire there.  The kids got to make mini Emergency Kits and Sun Visors.  We think Tyler won a Savings Bond.  We thought we heard his name mentioned but we couldn’t hear why and when we went to ask someone, no one could get into the press box to hear why they may have called his name.  They said if he won that, we would get it into the mail.
Lexi’s birthday is next week and I do not know what to get her.  She doesn’t really need anything.  The only thing I thought of was a little bike.  She doesn’t really need any more toys.  I also thought about something on the horse or cat line since she likes both.  She will be three.
The whole long for a baby thing has been on my mind lately.  I know it’s not possible.  Even if God performed the miracle though I would probably have to spend most of the pregnancy in bed which would be a bummer.  I know that season is over but I guess it doesn’t hurt to wish sometimes.  Besides, God has opened so many doors lately, I would be surprised if He decided to give me that miracle.  I think He wants me to move on to a ministry of some sorts which would be hard to do with a baby.
This week is going to be busy.  We might go to a local Fair(farm type) at a neighboring town on Wednesday with my inlaws.   This is my last week for Both Brittani & Amber.  Next week it will be just Amber…except maybe Friday.  Our district has a vacation day ALREADY!  I don’t know if I will have both or if their mom is taking off.  On Friday evening we have to take Nicole to the retreat and pick her up on Saturday night.  On Saturday I also need to go and get their things off of Layaway for school and get Lexi SOMETHING for her b-day.  Oh that’s right….mental note to myself….put money back for Lexi’s pictures next week.
Well, I want to bake cookies so I better get going.  Later!


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