End Of The Week

  I forgot to mention on my last post about how Nicole inherited my big feet. (oops got in trouble for saying she inherited my big feet) We went shoe shopping for the kids at size 10 (WOMENS) was tight on her!  We were having problems finding 11’s there so we just got the 10s.  I figured as long as she had something to start school, I will get something else later.
Yesterday when I cleaned I spent a couple of hours on Nicole & Lexi’s room.  We went through Nicole’s drawers & closet organizing and cleaning out.  In the evening we went for groceries.  I was relieved the stores were emptier than usual.
I went over twice today to feed my mom’s dog and we dropped off books at the library. We didn’t get any new ones.  I figured they would be starting the school library in a week.
Today we got the book with Nicole’s poem in it that was published.(Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans)  Nicole thought it was cool seeing her name in print with her poem.  I thought it was neat too!
Our local Farm Show is coming up the beginning of October and we got the book yesterday.  Norm pointed out a scrapbooking contest.  I was so psyched  to see it!  It’s for a two page theme layout.  I decided to wait till the kids start school and then start working on it.  I’m trying to decide on a l/o of me & Norm, Norm & firefighting or Norm & Tyler … or maybe I should do something on Alexis…. mmmm….  Decisions Decisions!  I wonder if we can have more than one entry…..
Tomorrow after first service we are going to a minor league baseball game again.  We’re taking the Nicole & Tyler even though they aren’t that thrilled about it.  Norm says kids get free bobbleheads.  I think Norm wants a Bobblehead.


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