Tuesday Tales

Well, I got the van to our mechanic yesterday and he finally got back to me late yesterday afternoon.  There is something wrong with the anti-lock braking system and it has to be taken to a dealer to be fixed and they can’t get us in till next Monday!  Our mechanic hinted that some stuff. if not all, might be under warrenty but I don’t know if he was just saying that to make it not sound so bad or what.  I am praying he is right and we don’t have to pay a lot on it.  The van is an ’87 and I didn’t think there would be a warrently back that far.  I had to take Norm to work this morning so I could have the car.
This morning Nicole has a physical for school so I should probably soon go and rout her out of bed.  She isn’t looking forward to it.  I was glad I had the foresight to ask for a female doctor because Nicole expressed a thought later that she was uncomfortable with a male doctor.
On Thursday my mom will be picking us up and taking us back to her house to help do corn. (cook, cut & bag to freeze)
It’s hard to believe school is almost here!  The summer seemed to fly this year!  Yesterday I went through Tyler’s stuff while he was playing with the neighbors and I got a trash bag full of junk.  I wouldn’t let him see in the bag later or he’d  have kept stuff.  He is my packrat.    I couldn’t believe the stuf I found in his toy box…..a pair of winter boots, a pair of Lexi’s Pull-Up Diapers….. I need to go through the kids clothes next and get their things ready for school.  It’s supposed to rain today so I guess it’s indoors for all of us.  Below is the barn fire Norm was fighting on Saturday night.  It’s a pic from the paper.  Norm said it was the strangest barn fire he ever fought.  When they got there the barn was still standing but in a matter of a minute it was fully involved.  It was filled with hot hay and the temp just got that hot it just ignited.  There was no way they could save it because there was so much hay.


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