August Continues…..

   Yesterday, we started out by going to my mom’s to feed the dog.  I sent the kids in the house while I picked her beans because it was raining.  I didn’t get very many.  Mom also told me that I cold have whatever tomatoes I wanted but it hasn’t been sunny the past few days to ripen any.  Then we came home where I blanched the beans and I made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies.  They have peanut butter and oatmeal in them although I cut back on the oatmeal a bit because it tends to make the cookies too crumbly.  The kids loved the cookies.(including Nicole’s friend, Izabel)  It’s been awhile since I made any cookies.  I was also busy with three loads of laundry.
Last evening we took Tyler to his first soccer practice for the season.  This year he plays on a larger field which I think frightens him a bit.  He will also be learning more soccer skills such as working more as a  team and positions.  I am hoping he enjoys it.  The main reason I encourage sports is so my kids can get to know other kids and so they aren’t as dormant as I am.  The coach also asked me to be Team Mom.   I have to coordinate snacks and the fundraiser for the team.  If they would be getting pictures taken I have a feeling he would have asked me to be in charge of that as well.
I found out yesterday that our digital camera  is no longer working.  Tyler had made a comment that Norm had tried to use and and it wasn’t working.  I know I tried to download some pics the other day and it wouldn’t work.  I just thought it was the cord connecting them because the wire seemed like it was stripped.  Maybe it did more than I thought when it connected them although I don’t know why it would have.  As far as I know, the camera wasn’t dropped.  I want to try fresh batteries before I declare it totally gone although I don’t think that’s the problem because the camera will turn on.  It just won’t take pictures or show pics already on there.  The problem is that I don’t think our regular camera is working either!  I guess I will have to get a disposable one for this weekend and for Lexi’s birthday in a few weeks.
My friend, Deb, called me from Florida yesterday.  She is actually my second cousin  and I also graduated with her from high school.  We chatted for awhile till she had to get off because she could hear a storm coming and wanted to take her dog out before it hit.
I also talked with my Children’s Ed Coordinator from church discussing Norm’s & my options for serving starting in the fall.  She had positions open in the elementary age.  She would have liked us to work second service but it works better for us doing first service.  It is often 12 Noon till teachers get to leave because parents are busy socializing and don’t pick their kids up till late.  We need to get going because Tyler has soccer games in the fall & spring that often start at 1 and also Norm often has to open fields by 12 noon for sports.   I am hoping she can find us something first hour.
The kids had been going to a VBS this week and I think I will make it their last one for the summer.  There is just too much going on, esp. now that soccer practice has started again.  My mil wants to take the kids shopping on Friday afternoon.  She isn’t going to have a lot of time because they need to be home early in the evening.
I want to work on de-cluttering some things next week.  Between feeding  the dog, having the girls twice this week and my appointment tomorrow, it just won’t get worked in.  I want to clean the upstairs tomorrow after we get home.  Next week I have to take Nicole to the dr for a school physical but I hope to get stuff done between that.  I guess I will have to stretch stuff over the next few weeks.  I know I must go through Tyler’s stuff.  He just has so many things in his room and he keeps adding to it.  I also want to go through some things in the basement.  I would like to find a way to organize my scrapping stuff but I think I need to get some stuff to store things in and keep it organized.  It just looks like a mes which I think it is contributing to the fact that I don’t feel like scrapping.
Nicole got another invitation to study with People To People….this time in Greece and Italy, I believe.  I would love to send her but it would be really hard to send her overseas for 20 days, esp. in light of all  the  recent terrorism.  She is only 11 and I just don’t think that she is mature enough to handle  that.  There was recently something on the news where these people had a child in London on that program and they could not contact their child after the London bombings.  I think that would be terrifying for both me as a parent and for Nicole to be in a strange place thousands of miles from home and dealing with bombings.  She found out about the invitation this time and asked if she could go but she has no idea.  I know some parents can just send their kids off with no thought about it but it just scares me.  I looked over the things they would be seeing and it does look really interesting.
Brittani and Amber are here this morning.  I was relieved when their mom called yesterday and said they would be late because I was trying to figure out how I was going to get over this morning since I don’t have enough car seats to accommodate them.  When she called I breathed a Thank You to God for fixing that problem.  No problem is too little for Him!


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