Today I saw the funniest thing at the grocery store.  I don’t know where they got it but somebody got this thing that looked like a baseball  stuck in a car window.  There was even a clear piece around it to make it looked like the window was cracked around it.  I was wondering if the owner was standing close by laughing…or maybe I was on candid camera  or something.
My kid are going to their 4th VBS.  They wanted to go.  Sometimes  it gets tiring having to have everyone ready every night.  I’m glad though that they are getting to know other kids.
This evening I happened to think about it……I wasn’t sure if I had heard from Ty’s soccer  coach.  I thought I might have but I wasn’t sure.  I didn’t have anything written down but I could have sworn he called me.  Well, I knew the Answering Machine had 11 messages so I decided to sit down, listen and start erasing them.  Yep, there he was!  And the first soccer practice is TOMORROW!     Ohhhh my!  Well, at least we didn’t miss it!
It was raining off and on all day.  I was going to pick my parents green beans  but couldn’t with the rain.  It’s going to be muddy tomorrow!  I seen they are ready.  I hate picking beans that are old!
We also dropped off our library stuff at our town’s library and went to a neighboring town’s library to get more.  The neighboring one is a lot nicer!  Then, late this afternoon, our town’s library called me.  Here I had just returned the one video case and no video inside.  I could have sworn I had them all right last night but I know Tyler had gotten stuff out again last night or this morning.  So I found the video and ran it back after Norm got home.
On Thursday I go back to the cardiologist for a check-up.  I don’t think anything will come out of it though.  He had asked me to increase sodium but that is really hard.  I was never a salt person.  I’m going to ask him if there are sodium tablets I can take instead.  I am salting things more but not a whole lot.
One more thing….my soon-to-be teen is getting too big for her britches!  This evening I was putting the kids to bed and I saw a note on the mirror written in lipstick that said SHMILY.  Next to it were a set of lips.   Thinking my dh to be romantic I made sure to thank him profusely when he came home.   Well, before he could think about it and lay claim to it, he admitted knowing nothing about it.  He realized too late he lost his chance to look good.  Well, Miss Nicole and I are having a discussion tomorrow.  She’s probably laughing at me in her dreams!


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